Victoria Brannigan, CEO - Why we started The Queen's Lovely Things

Victoria Brannigan’s life passion is helping people to live full happy lives. She likes getting people excited about what she is excited about. Right now, and always, that’s being excited about themselves, so she founded The Queen’s Lovely Things, a Luxury Accessories Brand Designed to AWAKEN THE QUEEN or KING THAT YOU ARE!!!  Her products are created to transform your inner spirit, bring a smile to your face, and consistently remind you of the Queen or King that you are meant to be. 


Victoria is a native New Yorker that went to school on the Upper East Side, graduated from Hunter College with a degree in psychology always wanting to help uplift people’s spirits and consistently inspire others with inspirational quotes on her Facebook page, Instagram, and website (  Living and attending school on the Upper Eastside where Fashion was King helped her gain an eye for beautiful things such as fur coats, bags, clothing, scarves, and shoes.  Hence, she really does own over 500 scarves and goodness knows how many bags and shoes.  Lol, she knew that one day she would design her own collections of accessories that would make people feel like royalty, inspired, special and full of self-love.  Hence, The Queen’s Lovely Thing’s was born.


She has been in business since 2017, has been highlighted in the Harlem News, Bronx News, and Queens News.  She has participated in many vendor events throughout the 5 boroughs and continues to be recognized as an up-and-coming luxury accessory brand.  She currently provides a collection of sequins, rhinestone bling masks, Inspirational T-shirts, bags, jewelry and other accessories.  Her Royal Bijoux Jewelry Collection debuts the ankh, Nefertiti, and map of Africa necklaces, bracelets, and earrings and her first Inspirational Bracelet is available on her website touting her Mantra “I love me, I am Amazing & Blessed”.


Her Luxury Brand is here to assure that everyone looks AND feels their best with a minimal amount of effort when touting our products.  Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from our collections will benefit the Harlem not for profit community.  Look out for our newly inspired products in the Fall of 2021 premiering additional pieces to the Royal Bijoux Inspirational Jewelry and The Queen’s Lovely Things genuine leather and sustainable faux leather Handbag Collection.  Sneak peak for the handbags coming soon.  

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